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Acupuncturist working in the Poole, Dorchester, Weymouth and Purbeck area

About Me

Charlotte Couse BSc (Hons), Lic Ac, MBAcC

I am an acupuncturist working in the Poole, Dorchester, Weymouth and Purbeck area. I gained a BSc (Hons) and a licence to practise acupuncture (Lic Ac) from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading (a three and a half year degree, including six months in clinic). I practise both traditional Chinese and Five Element acupuncture. The latter is centuries-old system designed to treat the whole person (mind and body) and not just the syndrome. I am fully-insured and registered with the British Acupuncture Council, the largest acupuncture regulatory body in the UK and a member of the Professional Standards Authority. I am also licensed with Dorset council.

I have a particular interest in musculoskeletal issues as I have practised yoga for 25 years and taught for 10. I am trained in the Sivananda style (Senior Teacher Yoga Alliance 500 hours).

I have qualifications in wholistic and deep tissue massage from the Jing Advanced Massage Training in Brighton and Facial Enhancement Acupuncture.

I am committed to deepening my knowledge of Chinese Medicine and regularly attend CPD training.


Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

This technique involves the insertion of needles in acupoints plus small dermal needles in wrinkles, which stimulates the muscles and aids collagen production.


There are two types of cupping: moving and static. Moving increase blood and energy circulation in a general area and have a massage-like effect, while static cups are more site-specific.


I have a Level 3 Diploma in deep tissue and wholistic massage from Jing Advanced Massage in Brighton, the only institute in the UK which offers degree-level training in massage.

Latest Articles

Transporting Points

Transporting Points

I sense the body’s Qi to make its course run true. At the tips of the fingers, toes are wells where it bubbles. I puncture to vent pathogens. Going proximal to where Qi swells at spring points, I pierce for fever. I feel Qi flourish at the stream – lifting leaden...

Warmth for Wellness: Using Heat to Heal in TCM

Warmth for Wellness: Using Heat to Heal in TCM

“Unless the injury is acute and there’s inflammation, apply heat.” This is what I was told on an advanced massage course, and it’s true: most patients, particularly those with muscular skeletal problems, love heat. (Although there are people who feel hot all the time...

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I am currently practising at Weymouth Acupuncture on Saturdays.

17A Trinity Road
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