I bought a gong fu tea set from Facebook marketplace and started doing tea ceremonies. I bought high quality tea, brewed it several times in a minature clay teapot, then poured it into a tiny ceramic cup.
Once of my favourite teas is Chen Pi and pu’er. Chen Pi is mandarin peel. It is commonly used for improve digestion, as it moves Qi or energy in the Stomach and Spleen. Pu’er is a fermented tea, and therefore good for the digestion. It works for me: after a heavy meal, it helps to ease my discomfort and bloating.
The tea I buy is pu’er packed into a small, dried tangerine. When you brew the tea, you break off bits of the dried peel and brew it with the leaves. Perhaps Earl Grey tea is variation on Chen Pi tea, as the former is black Chinese tea flavoured with bergamont – a type of bitter orange.